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You know me as The Gambler. You've watched me find treasure and trash on A & E's hit TV show, Storage Wars. I welcome you to take a look at the many items that I come across in my daily business of buying storage lockers. This is my life, my business, my passion. Here you can find the items you see on TV and the items you don’t get to see. New, used and abused, you can find it here on The Gambler’s store. Inventory changes daily, so get up off the couch, and buy it now!

Please pay attention because I will have a giveaway item hidden in the inventory weekly. Browse around, have fun and get ready to find the "WowFactor".

Darrell Sheets

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WOW! Thanks For The Love!!!!

Well, I didn’t know that my “ Open 24/7 Darrellgambler.com” tee shirt would create such a ruckus, with the other buyers on the Storage Wars that aired last week!! The more they taunted me on the show,  the more visits my web store received. Thank you Renee, Ivy and Jarrod for creating so much traffic to my […]

Open 24/7 365 Days a Year

Who has time to shop from  9-5 ?  Not ME!! At my Store  www.Darrellgambler.com you can shop anytime you want!! We are open 24 hours a day,  365 days a year. We ship World Wide. We have many fans out there from all over the world. What a shame it would be to limit our cool […]