About Darrell “The Gambler” Sheets

Darrell Sheets Playing The GuitarI started in this business over 32 years ago. I have found everything from scrap crap, to Picassos in storage units. They call me the Gambler because I take the risks, bet big, and come out on top!

I love my family.  Kimber, is the love of my life, and is my biggest supporter of this unique business that I’m in. I have two kids, Kimber has two kids, and between us we have four beautiful grandchildren that I love being around.

My son Brandon is following in the family business and is by my side at all of the auctions. I am lucky to have my son around me everyday.

I come from a large family, and I’m the practical joker of the bunch. When I’m not working storage units, I like to go boating, be with my family and play the drums and guitar.

Thank you to all of my fans, family and friends for their love and support, I couldn’t do this without you.

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