Darrell Sheets How to Buy a Storage Locker

I am constantly asked  “Why do people abandon their storage units”. I think the intro to Storage Wars “Abandoned Lockers, up for sale”  makes it sound like people intentionally walk away from there possessions. This is not the case.  Across America there are approximately 3,000 Storage units auctioned off for sale each day. In our everyday busy life “Sh*t Happens”, it happens to me it happens to you. Life is full of unexpected events that would cause peoples storage units to be sold at auctions. Sometimes people will move and not leave a forwarding address..I’ve done that, have you? Or maybe they forgot to give the storage facility a new credit card number when their  credit card expired. I’ve done that too, have you?  Maybe they had to close a store or business and hoped to re-open at a later date. They store the items until they just cant do it anymore. Priorities change, life brings unexpected events. I have been in this business for 36 years. I’ve seen it all.

I buy lockers based on my experience. I look at the boxes that are inside the unit. Are they still taped with the original tape. This means they were packed and not touched. I look for dust, and footprints in the dust. I like old lockers that have not been touched for many years. Those old lunchboxes and toys that were junk in the 60’s are now collectible. I look at how the boxes are packed. Are they stacked neatly or are they tossed in. I look for the obvious , good furniture, brand names .etc. and the not so obvious. The way the boxes are labeled tells me a lot about the contents and the meticulousness of the owner. I am always looking for safes, military items, and of course, art. I would say I work on 50% of what I can see and 50% on what my gut tells me. Sometimes I just get a vibe that tells me to GO!

There are days I hit and many days that I barely make my money back. But the rush of hitting big has always had me hooked on this business.

This year we hit 2 lockers that are defiantly in my top 5 of my storage buying career.  The Gutierrez Art Locker is my favorite. And the locker that we just hit with the Hollywood memorabilia is just amazing. We are still sorting this mega locker. It was a 10′ X 30′ locker absolutely packed from wall to wall with collectible Hollywood, Disney, Sports and Military items. Wowfactor all the way!!  Many of the items from those and all of the lockers we hit are for sale at my web store. www.darrellgambler.com Stop by and take a look you, take your time and “dig” around. There’s a lot to look at!!

Well hopefully this answers some of your Storage Buying questions. Have a great day everyone, and thanks for stopping by. !!



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